"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

After passing through the southeast corner of Idaho we drove through some very green country to Teton National Park. We were surrounded by mountains.
We are definitely in big game country!
We began to see glimpses of The Rockies from the west.
Then we drove through part of the Grand Teton National Park. It was stunning! The peaks range to over 13,000 feet high.
Last year in the east it was very flat. Then after the desert and brown hills we've been in it was a real joy to see some snow capped mountains. is cold here. Brrrrr
Couldn't stop taking pictures through the windshield with all the beautiful scenery around.
We had some winter weather through the week but we managed to catch some sun in the morning and get some great mountain pictures.
This looks like a "rent a camper" commercial but it was for real. There had just been a fresh snowfall and the clouds were just clearing.
A view from our hike up to Taggart Lk.
and then the lake itself. It was blowing cold but gorgeous.
We took a boat ride across Jenny Lake and hiked up to Hidden Waterfalls. On the way back via the ferry, the scenery continued to be picture book perfect!
Now we travel north through the Tetons and land in Yellowstone National Park, still in Wyoming. Hope to see some bears!
Grand Teton National Park
Yellowstone National Park
After seeing much snow along the way, the first thing we explored was Old Faithful. It still regularly blows about every 90 minutes.
We learned that the park is a volcano creating all this unusual geography. Near Old Faithful is Black Sand Basin with many steaming pools and mineral colors.
Prismatic Pool
Emerald Pool
Excelsior Mineral Pool Colors
On our way to Montana and Mammoth Hot Springs we were extremely lucky to come across a Grizzly Bear wandering up to a stream just by the road. It is truly a magnificent animal!
We went into Montana which sits at the north end of Yellowstone.
Mammoth Hot Springs, near the Montana border contained crystallized calcium deposits making this flow look like ice, not rock.
In our travels around the park we often crossed the Continental Divide.
Yellowstone Falls on the Yellowstone River from
 Artist's Point.
More steam vents and bubbling mud pots in the Yellowstone River Valley.
Even though Yellowstone's fire was in 1988 there were many signs of it through the park. All that burned and fell remained in place, but there were signs of new growth almost everywhere.
Indian Pond where we took a 2 hour hike.
In the distance were the Absaroka Mtns.
I always thought that Yellowstone was famous for bears but was surprised to find that it was a real privilege to see one. But....what was surprising were the amount of free roaming bison.
This was their molting season and
below is one bathing in the mud.
Inside one of the amazing lodges at Yellowstone. This one is near Old Faithful Geyser.
Next stop was Keyhole State Park near Moorhead WY. We had a beautiful spot right on the resevoir.