"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Washington, DC
Georgetown, WA DC
A quaint town of historic shops.
Natural History Museum
National Mall
Part of the Smithsonian
David loved the floor with birds!
WWII Memorial where each block has a state name and carved wreath for the fallen
Washington Monument surrounded by flags
Washington Monument towering over the National Mall. This park is called Constitutional Gardens. Unfortunately the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial was drained for reconstruction.
This is the Lincoln Memorial, the size of which is astounding. It is of such historical significance but also architecturally beautiful, especially the way it looks down the National Mall past the WA Monument and then to the Capital.
We were taken aback at the magnitude of this Vietnam Memorial and the amount of names carved in stone. People were in awe as they walked past.
The White House
I think this guy was upset over us taking a second for a picture.
The Smithsonian Castle from the 1700's.  Such intricate craftsmanship! It was filled with a variety of historical items. These shoes worn by the Plains Indians caught my eye.
Library of Congress, across the street from the Capital.
The Capitol 
We were able to get in to the Capital Rotuna Room with the Dome overhead. The artwork in the paintings, statues and the building itself is exquisite.
We stayed in Maryland, near the University, but most days we traveled to WA DC on the Metro Underground. It was amazingly efficient and fast.