"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Via Las Vegas Nevada we entered the southwest part of Utah into one of the  5 National Parks in the "Beehive State" called Zion (the Promised Land).
We were very excited to have our friend David D. fly from Oregon to spend a few days with us. On the first day D & D walked up the Virgin River between the walls of "The Narrows". There was a point when they were within a few feet of touching both sides of the canyon.
The path to Angel's Landing, above and below
The Narrows
Angel's Landing from the Virgin River, taken on a hike to the "Emerald Pools"
On the second day D&D hiked to "Angel's Landing". On the side of the cliff were chains to hang onto as it was so steep and narrow. These are the views from both sides from the top.
We camped below this Mt. Watchman right on the river.
We had such a good time with "Frio", he even made us Manicotti!!!!
Next we drove to The Great Salt Lake where we stayed in the middle of the lake on Antelope Island. It is about 25 miles from Salt Lake City. (Deb drove 100 miles of this longer trek).
View from our campsite of the Salt Lake, living on solar.
Sunset from the same spot.
On the island is a herd of bison, about 2-300 of them. This one came within 15 ft. of our RV to rub off his molting fur on a nearby rock.
The capitol building and the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City.
The mountains that lay east of Provo, Salt Lk. City and Ogden and where the Olympics were held in Park City.