"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Texas Gulf Coast
Seminole State Park Cave Dwellings
Yes we hit the coast!! Salt water once again. I guess we are water people. The waves and salt air sounded, smelled and felt great after so much time in the desert.
South Padre Island is the beginning of a 1,000 mi. long barrier island chain protecting the Gulf and East coasts. It's a long narrow strip of land, where you don't walk to the beach, you just drive to your spot and hang out!
The bridge in the background leads to the mainland of Texas. Note that prickly pear cactus are still are found next to the salty gulf.
Oil trucks and refineries everywhere!
Goose Island State Park. We decided against a waterfront site due to a big storm (the sea wall was flooded). The "Live Oak" campsite was beautiful but full of burrs and bugs.
Corpus Christi Marina
USS Lexington on display in Corpus Christi. She served in WWII and since the '80's has been used in movie making.
Ferry between Aransas Pass and Port of Aransas. It covers only 1/4 mi. and has several ferries running at once for free. There's too much ship traffic and not enough land mass to build a tall bridge.
In the meantime our grandson Carter has grown sooo much! He's almost 10 months old!
Cap't Tommy from our bird tour out of Rockport, Tx
(See S. Texas bird page for results!)
So we ended up back on the water at Goose Is. with lovely weather, and then another thunderstorm. You can see the remaining water inside the seawall.
Downtown Houston TX
Woodland Lakes RV Park north of Houston
where we got our electric system fixed once again. Yeah!
We learned that Galveston
 is an island. Galveston Ferry to Bolivar Peninsula along
the gulf coast of TX.  Happy they could fit us onboard! And it was free!!! Lots of old mansions and beaches in Galveston to be discovered.
We are parked on this intercoastal waterway that runs just inside the coast of TX. This canal is 100 yds. wide & 30' deep and carries mostly barges. Materials like basalt, benzine, phosphate, oil products, etc. are carried safely inside the heavy seas of the Gulf and Atlantic. It runs from from the south tip of Texas to New York! 3,000 mi.! The barges run 100's of yards long and we've seen the 4 storey tugs push 6 at a time!
Hurrican Ike hit Galveston and this area hard in 2008 with up to 145 mi./hr. winds. We are now sitting on a spot that had 3' of water. These are before and after pictures of the stilt type houses near here that were/are meant to survive such weather.
April 26th we went into Galveston to "Moody Gardens", a hotel, convention center, aquarium, paddlewheel boat, and a "rainforest pyramid". This pyramid contains representation of South American and Asian tropical forests. It
was fabulous!
Scarlet Ibis
White Faced
Saki Monkey
Orange colored hibiscus
A gorgeous plant that hangs off of trees &                   lives with roots hanging in the air
Cotton-Top Tamarin
Mansion in