2012 Year End Summary
2012 was by far the best birding year of our lives. 403 different birds including 153 new life birds all in 12 months.  I can't imagine ever replicating those kinds of numbers again.

The following represents my personal favorite photos of 2012 combined with a list of all the birding stops for the year. The stops and pictures are arranged chronologically with an * before the date and location where the adjacent photo(s) was taken. Also, occasionally you will find numbers (###/##) after certain locations. These indicate the total of 2012 year birds as well as 2012 new life birds as of that date.

1-1-12 Val Vista Village, Mesa, AZ
1-2-12 Carefree, AZ – CBC
1-4-12 Veteran’s Oasis Pk., Superior, AZ
1-21-12 Gilbert Water Ranch, Gilbert, AZ
1-31-12 Catalina St. Pk. , Tucson, AZ
2-2-12 Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ
2-2-12 Sweetwater, Tucson, AZ

*2-3-12 Kartchner Caverns, AZ

Greater Roadrunner
2-5-12 Sierra Vista, AZ

*2-6-12 Patagonia St. Pk., AZ

*2-10-12 Sonoita Creek, AZ

Rufous-backed Robin

    *2-11-12 San Pedro Valley, AZ

                        Acorn Woodpecker
2-12-12 Whitewater Draw, AZ
2-14-12 Ramsey Canyon, AZ
2-15-12 San Pedro House, AZ
2-18-12 Portal, AZ (2012 to date 135 Year / 8 lifers)
2-21-12 Las Cruces, NM
2-23-12 Aquirre Nat. Rec. Area, NM
2-26-12 Dripping Springs, NM
2-28-12 Elephant Butte St. Pk., NM
3-1-12 Paseo Del Rio, NM (147/10)
3-5-12 Bosque Del Apache, NM
3-7-12 Bottomless Lakes St. Pk, NM
3-9-12 Carlsbad, NM
3-12-12 Mt Davis St. Pk., TX
3-14-12 Study Butte, TX
3-15-12 Birding Oasis, Christmas Mtns. TX

*3-16-11 Rio Grande Village, Big Bend, Nat. Pk.

      Golden-fronted Woodpecker

3-20-12 Boquillas Canyon, Big Bend Nat. Pk.
3-19-12 Chisos, Big Bend Nat. Pk. (175/17)
3-21-12 Seminole St. Pk, TX

*3-24-12 Medina River, San Antonio, TX

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
3-25-12 Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX
3-26-12 Hornsby Bend, Austin TX
3-27-12 Choke Canyon St. Pk, TX (193/30)
3-29-12 Salineno, TX
3-30-12 Falcon St. Pk., TX
3-30-12 Roma, TX (204/40)
4-2-12 Bentsen Palms Village, TX
4-4-12 Estero Llano St. Pk, TX (221/51)
4-5-12 Anzulduas Pk, TX
4-5-12 Santa Anna, TX
4-6-12 Bentsen Rio Grande Valley St. Pk
4-7-12 Resaca De La Palma St. Pk, TX (230/58)
4-10-12 Laguna Atascosa NWR, TX
4-11-12 South Padre Island, TX
4-13-12 Sabal Palms Sanctuary, TX
4-13-12 Boca Chica, TX
4-13-12 Brownsville Landfill, TX

*4-14-12 Goose Island St. PK. TX

Brown Pelican
4-15-12 Paradise Pond, Port Aransas, TX (262/69)
4-22-12 Woodland Lakes RV Pk., Houston, TX
4-23-12 Jesse Jones Pk., Houston, TX
4-23-12 WG Jones Pk, Houston, TX

*4-24-12 Smith Woods, High Island., TX

Roseate Spoonbills

                                   Snowy Egrets
*4-26-12 Bolivar Penninsula, TX (301/98)

                                       Tri-colored Heron

           Reddish Egret (by Deborah)

*4-30-12 Anahuac NWR, TX

                          Orchard Oriole

Eastern Kingbird
5-1-12 Lafayette, LA
5-2-12 Acadian City Pk, LA

            *5-5-12 Big Branch NWR, LA

                                                     Pine Warbler

Common Nighthawk (by Deborah)
*5-7-12 Bayou Segnette St. Pk, LA

                              Green Anole
*5-9-12 Audubon Woods, Dauphin Is., AL

                                   Yellow-billed Cuckoo
5-10-12 Shell Mound, Dauphin Is. AL

*5-13-12 Fort Pickens, Gulf Island Nat. Seashore, FL

5-24-12 Panacea, FL (319/114)
5-27-12 Eulonia, GA
5-27-12 Dorchester, GA
5-31-12 Skidaway Is., GA

*6-2-12 Savannah NWR, GA

Black-necked Stilt                     
Northern Cardinal - Female

                                  Eastern Towhee
5-20-12 Conservation Pk., Panama City Beach, FL

*5-23-12 St. Andrew’s St. Pk. Panama City Beach, FL

                                           Brown Thrasher

Common Gallinule
*6-7-12 Audubon Swamp, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

                          Prothonotary Warbler

Not really hungry right now!

                                         Little Blue Heron with child

Carolina Chickadee
*6-12-12 Huntington Beach St. Pk., SC

*6-13-12 Croatan Nat. Forest, Havelock, SC
                    Painted Bunting
6-15-12 Hatteras Outer Banks, NC
6-16-12 Coracoke, NC
6-18-12 Virginia Beach, VA
6-19-12 Dismal Swamp, Virginia Beach, VA

*6-19-12 Back Bay NWR, VA
6-19-12 East Shore Virginia NWR, VA
6-21-12 Cape May NJ (330/123)

*7-6-12 Nature Conservancy, Cape May, NJ

        Long-billed Dowitcher
7-6-12 So. Cape May Meadows, Cape May NJ
7-9-12 Timberlane Campground, Clarksboro, NJ

*7-13-12 John Heinz NWR, PA

                                               Gray Catbird

*7-23-12 Circle CG Farm, Bellingham, MA

          Eastern Phoebe Chicks
7-28-12 Kennebunkport, MN
8-5-12 Acadian Nat. Pk, MN
8-13-12 Patton Pond, Ellsworth, MN (342/130)
8-14-12 Aboard Atlanticat Petit Manan NWR, MN
9-1-12 Loft Mtn., Shenandoah Nat. Pk., VA
9-7-12 Latta Pk., Charlotte, NC

*9-9-12 Savannah NWR, SC

                     Purple Gallinule  Nice Legs Girl!

*9-10-12 Jekyll Island, GA

          Wood Stork

Black Skimmers

9-11-12 Kingsley Plantation, Jacksonville, FL

*9-11-12 Huguenot Memorial Pk., Jacksonville, FL

                   Royal Terns having a discussion
9-14-12 Oak Hammock, Merritt Is. NWR, Titusville, FL
9-15-12 Viera Wetlands, Melbourne, FL
9-15-12 Enchanted Forest, Titusville, FL
9-17-12 Kissimmee St. Pk. FL
9-19-12 Easterlyn Co. Pk., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

      *9-20-12 Curry Hammock St. Pk.

                                              Prairie Warbler
9-21-12 John Pellencamp Coral Reef St. Pk.

*9-23-12 Eco Pond, Flamingo Campground, Everglades Nat. Pk., FL

                  Red-shouldered Hawk
9-25-12 Ding Darling NWR, Sanibel Is, FL
9-28-12 Bunch Beach, Ft. Meyers
9-28-12 Corkscrew Swamp, Naples, FL

*9-30-12 Ft. Desoto Co. Pk., Tampa, FL (368/150)

               Northern Mockingbird

10-4-12 Low Key Hideaway, Cedar Key, FL
10-6-12 Cemetery Boardwalk, Cedar Key, FL

*10-16-12 St. Andrews St. Pk., Panama City Beach, FL

Great Blue Heron
*10-18-12 St. Joseph’s Peninsula St. Pk, FL

        American Golden Plover
*10-24-12 T.O. Fuller St. Pk. Memphis TN

       Lesser Yellowlegs (By Deborah)
*10-25-12 Sequoia NWR, Vian, OK

Brown-headed and Red-winged Blackbirds
*10-27-12 Red *10-27-12 Red Rock Canyon St. Pk. OKRock Canyon St. Pk. OK
*10-27-12 Red Rock Canyon St. Pk. OK

            Barred Owl
10-30-12 Randall Davie Audubon Ctr, Santa Fe, NM
*11-5-12 Gilbert Water Ranch, Gilbert, AZ
10-30-12 Randall Davie Audubon Ctr, Santa Fe, NM

*11-5-12 Gilbert Water Ranch, Gilbert, AZ

                 Ring-necked Duck

11-11-12 Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, AZ
11-16-12 Tempe Town Lake, AZ

*11-26-12 Fountain Hills Lake, AZ (388)

          Great-tailed Grackle
12-9-12 White Rock Pier, BC
12-11-12 Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC
12-11-12 Blackie Spit, Crescent Beach, BC
12-12-12 Iona Park, Vancouver, BC

*12-12-12 72nd St. Dykes, Delta, BC

             Short-earred Owl

12-17-12 Gila River, Avondale, AZ Tres Rios CBC

(2012 year total 403 with 153 Lifers)
126 Birding stops.

2013 looks to be a great year once again. Leaving Arizona in March, our plan is to head west to Southern California, up the coast to Santa Cruz, then east to Yosemite, Lake Havasu, Zion, and north to Yellowstone. From there we’ll work our way across the top of the Midwest to the Great Lakes where we’ll spend the Summer. We’ll take in Colorado on the way back to Arizona in October. Another 7+ months on the road should provide for more great adventures as well as, of course, some great birding too. See the Calendar Page for more details.
Birding goals for 2013 include 350 different birds for the year. I’d also really like to reach 500 different birds over our two year (2012-2013) Full-time-RV’ing adventure.