"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Though we had been to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY before, we stopped by for a quick visit.
​It's an amazing place!
On to Ithica NY where we went to see the Cornell Lab of Orinthology. A stunning place, surrounded by the SapsuckerWoods,
where we birded.​ 
Ithica is on the southern end of Cayuga Lake, which is part of the Erie Canal System. The downtown is primarily flat as it was built on silt from geological times. The adjacent areas are hillsides with deep gorges and over 100 waterfalls within 10 square miles! We saw several of them. Borrowed from the pamphlet...
We happened upon some Dragonboat races!
Businessman's Lunch Falls.
​No that is not David!
Triphammer Falls on Cornell University Campus
Ithica Falls
Enfield Falls
Notice the diving board!​
Buttermilk Falls
Then we explored Cornell University campus. It is an amazing mixture of old and new.
After a winding drive through the Adirondack Mountains we came to Lake Champlain. We stayed on Grand Isle near the middle of the lake.
We quickly found out about a bike ride that is an old train causeway. It takes you onto the lake from Grand Isle for a mile where you get on a Bike Ferry for maybe a 100 yards and then resume on the causeway for about 4 miles. It continues to Burlington and beyond via beautiful trails. 
Grande Isle
Bike Ferry
Downtown Burlington Mural
In Vermont these directional signs are seen everywhere.
Vermont is called the Green Mountain State. It is easy to see why especially with all the rain.
​capitol building
​in Montpelier.
Most of the curbs in the upper northeast are made of granite! They are called
​"Rockerfeller's Teeth".
We took a ferry from Grand Isle VT across Lk Champlain to Plattsburgh NY.
A famous part of Plattsburgh is "The Oval", a huge grassy oval that was created as parade grounds for the military. It is still surrounded by huge brick buildings and houses, including this ivy covered church. 
Our site, right on the Moose River!
In St. Johnsbury there is a dog chapel where people come from all over to post pictures and notes of their past and present dogs. Notice the dog stained glass and dog pews. Above is a picture of a huge dog park next to the chapel. 
A beautiful old, old stone church we drove by.
Return to Patten Pond near Bar Harbor Maine, with fond memories.