We've seen so much more than birds that we decided to add a new page of other wildlife.
American Aligator
We were told the number of inches from nostrils to eyes (which is often only what you see) is equal to the number of feet the aligator is long.
Texas Horned Toad (Horny Toad)
Praying Mantis
Texas Tortoise
Toad from Santa Ana, Texas
Stubborn donkey, border of AZ and NM
in Arizona
Rabbits fighting so hard fur was flying!
Havelina found in AZ and NM
Harvester Ants
Jellyfish near Galveston, TX!
Blue Crab near Galveston TX
Hermit Crab
Green Anole in a bayou near New Orleans
Orange & Black bug near Pensacola on the forest floor
David got adventurous and ordered a soft shelled crab sandwich near Panacea, Fl. You eat the whole crab....he said it was crunchy like potato chips!
Happy Alligator at Huntington Beach State Park near Myrtle Beach, SC just a few ft. away!
Alligator resting on "Yellow Slider" turtles at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston SC
(Covered in pond scum)
Fiddler Crab at Huntington Beach State Park, SC
Bolivar Peninsula
Dragonfly from Kissemmee SP in the middle of Florida
Dragonfly from Virginia Beach, VA
Cottonmouth Snake Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge Virginia Beach, VA
Another aligator in Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Savannah GA
Manatee from Merrit Island FL
near the Kennedy Space Center
Lizard with florescent
blue tail
St. Pk. FL

HUGE Grasshopper 
Ive's Run Pennsylvania
More Fiddler Crab found on the Florida Panhandle (the dogs love to play with them!)
Butterfly near Panama City Beach
Porcupine at the Living Desert Museum in Palm Desert CA
A stand of Elk in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
We often saw bison and antelope as well in Yellowstone.
Near Pierre, South Dakota which is on the Missouri River we almost stepped on this snake and toad since they blended into the background so well.
2 different kinds of dragonflies at Atasca State Park in Minnesota
Swallowtail  Butterflies warming up in a swarm on the north shore of
Lk Superior.
Huge moth on a window at a restaurant in Tofte, MN