"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"
Downtown Des Moines, Iowa and the impressive state capitol building.
On a whim, we stopped at this museum where we learned about the Pony Express. In 1859 this building was the 1st stop for the riders heading west and is the only one intact. Interestingly we found out that the company only lasted 19 months before going broke as the telegraph provided faster communication.
We saw seemingly endless fields of soybeans and corn with many silos.
This is taken from Nebraska looking east at Missouri across the Missouri River which divide the 2 states.
We stayed at Indian Cave State Park where we explored the Indian Caves.
And yes, more corn and soybean crops but beautiful green rolling hills that we didn't expect to find in the plains.
In eastern Kansas we came upon a new crop, Sorghum. It is used for feed and cereal. And.....still more corn and soybeans. Where does all the corn go?
As we traveled further west towards Colorado there had clearly been a drought and sadly most of the crops that were not irrigated were lost. Even in September it was still in the 90's. It also became a lot flatter. Looking forward to the Rocky Mountains!