"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"
Heading further west we made it to Denver and stayed in nearby Golden.
Our first outing was to the famous amphitheater in the nearby hills called, Red Rocks. It is known for all the famous performers and the perfect outdoor acoustics. Each year the performers are listed in their museum and posters of many of them hang on the walls. It was fascinating!
This is the list of performers from 1975, the year we were married.
Red Rocks Amphitheater
From the stage you can see how the Red Rocks create great sound. Many people were exercising up and down the rows.
Next we went to downtown Denver and came across it's well-known skyline.
The County/City Building
The Denver Mint
We visited the Botanical Gardens in Denver and were truly amazed at the diversity of trees and plants we found. It was beautifully laid out with structures and ponds.
Antherium from the humid greenhouse.
Victoria Amazonica lily pads
Desert and drought tolerant plants
David used his "bird camera" to take many pictures of some gorgeous water lilies. See the Flora/West Coast page.
Our next stop was Estes Park, a small mountain city on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Our 2nd day there is started to pour, and it wouldn't stop. At 7 the next morning we were told to evacuate. This is what it looked like when we left. At the bottom of the campground (beyond the picnic tables) is the Big Thompson River.
When we came back a few hours later this is what our campground looked like. It had been engulfed by the river.
Some cabins on the river being swallowed up.
We were able to get out the next day via the Rocky Mountain National Park with peaks over 14,000 feet. Many were not so lucky.
After the clouds and rain cleared we had astonishing views of the Rockies. The lichen gave the mountains an interesting perspective.
We then moved on to Durango, CO which is in the southwest corner of the state. From there we explored Mesa Verde National Park with it's infamous cliff dwellings.
Up in the San Juan Mountains is a quaint little town called Ouray. It feels as though you are up in the Swiss Alps when you're there!
From Durango we also travelled north through the colorful San Juan Mtns.
At Molas Pass we crossed the Colorado Trail.