"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Crossing into California from the Oregon Coast we quickly came upon the Redwood Forest. These majestic trees are too big to fit in a camera lens!
Eureka is a vital city with a Victorian Old Town area. So many beautiful hanging baskets were found. 
At our RV Park near Eureka CA we were told we could pick blackberries. They had acres of them! So good....
Leaving Eureka in the
fog and cold.
After a 52 degree change in temperature we stayed at a beautiful resort on the Sacramento River in Red Bluff
South Lake Tahoe City in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Lake Tahoe is so vast it can cover the State of California 14 in. deep. It is 21 X 14 miles an can be 200 ft. deep just 50 yards offshore!
The most famous and beautiful site on Lake Tahoe is Emerald Bay.
Boondocking in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine CA south of Yosemite in the Sierra Nevada. The highest peak is Mt. Whitney which is the tallest in the continental US.
Mt Whitney through Mobious Arch
The Spires in the same range.
The Alabama Hills are famous for many movies and shows. The Lone Ranger, Gunga Din, How the West Was Won, and newer ones such as Gladiator, Iron Man and Transformers have all been filmed here. Above is a picture from a movie pamphlet showing the filming of Rawhide. We found the exact same spot and took a picture!
On our way to Utah we crossed Death Valley National Park. It was 112 degrees and our engine overheated twice. Not much there but an informative Visitor's Center.
Looking down into Death Valley
Cutting the corner on our way to Utah we drove through the middle of Las Vegas, Nevada.