"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

This city is famous for the Colorado National Monument. It is a huge mesa that overlooks the valley.
Upon driving around we found many street signs that were fractions like 24 3/8 or 40 3/4.
(pronounced yuray)
Ouray is a small historical town set in the Swiss-like San Juan Mountains.
This is the view of Ouray from an overlook on our hike,
Then we took a jeep ride to Immogene Pass where it had an elevation of 13,000 feet and a 360 degree view. You could look way down to Telluride on the other side of the mountain.
Columbine, the state flower, growing in the alpine meadows.
Flowers lined the streets of Ouray and grew along the Uncompahgre River which runs through the town.
We then drove to Telluride and took the free gondola along with the dogs. The view was amazing but the dogs didn't think too much of the ride.
Another dedicated bike path along the Colorado River with a view of the Monument in the background.
Cortez is a small city in southwest Colorado with much Indian culture. We saw remains of pueblos dating back from 200 AD to 1300. The Pueblo Indians built these structures to house 100's of people generally on a hilltop with a water source nearby.
Cortez Cultural Center Mural on the back of the building where Indian dances are held.