"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

As soon as we entered Canada we began to see all signs and advertising in English and French. I thought that only Quebec was French. But I found out that New Brunswick is the only official bilingual province. It becomes easier to learn another language when you see both on 1 sign.
We stayed in Shediac, famous for lobster with a huge statue at the visitor's center. Even McDonald's has lobster!
We rode our bikes out to this Yacht Club and then a lighthouse. Being in the Maritime provinces is all about the water.
Downtown St. John's.
Prince Edward Island
To get to PEI one leaves New Brunswick and travels along the 8 mile Confederation Bridge completed in 1997. It costs $60 round trip for our RV, $45 for a car. It's quite stunning.
On the north side of the island there is PEI National Park. It had beautiful bike rides, beaches and very red cliffs. It was nice to find some sun!
Downtown Charlottetown
PEI is famous
​for potatoes. 
In the east people go to the beach whether it's cloudy, cold or even rainy. The tides make the beaches so shallow that people find other places to swim, like these wharves/canals. 
We ran into some people in Witchita KS who told us we had to try Cow's Ice Cream. We went to the factory tour and were quite impressed with the ice cream. Haagen Daz, watch out!
The countryside is so picturesque and green and the water is warm with red soil and cliffs.
A typical lighthouse on the far east end of the island. We climbed to the top and
​found it is still working!
Nova Scotia
We had a site overlooking the Bay of Fundy which is famous for it's extreme tides.
Next door was a little marina. We took pictures of high tide and low tide of the same boats. The lobster fisherman have a short window to get in and out of the marina!
Halifax downtown on the waterfront. A crisp, clean city with old and new contrast. It is the largest Navy base in the country along with much marine history.
Throughout the Maritimes we saw hundreds of these recycling stations.
A beautiful "birding marsh" we visited.
Water everywhere and all kinds of boating is seen. This is near the historical town of Annapolis Royal.
And yes of course we had to try Canadian lobster. So good!