"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Maine to Georgia
So, sadly, we left Maine to head to Florida for more birds. On the way we plan on going to Shenandoa National Park driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Our 1st stop was in New Hampshire near Newfound Lake and the town of Bristol. This is the oldest building in Bristol, a mill, built in 1767.
Throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont we were warned of Moose, but never saw one.
Despite it being August we saw a few trees, mostly maples, starting to color.
In Vermont we saw a ski lodge and some mountains around, tall enough for skiing. The scenery was picture postcard perfect at every turn.
An interesting spot in Vermont where famous syrup and cheeses were sold. Throughout New England we have seen hundreds of antique shops as well.
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY
Rockwell Museum of Western Art
Laura and Bill from NY who just bought a Newmar Motorhome (same as our brand). They dream of full time RV'ing
so we had lots to talk about! 
Bocce Ball in the rain was a blast
 with them too!
We followed the wide, shallow Susquehanna River through much of Pennsylvannia
of color
We quickly passed through Maryland and West Virginia to stay in the Shenandoah National Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
A beautiful valley know as the "Grand Canyon" of Pennsylvannia.
View from the Blue Ridge Trail of the Shenandoah River Valley which was quite foggy.
Through "" we explored Shenandoah Park with a very experienced junior birder.  Gabriel, 13 years old, was an excellent guide. With support from his parents (Mary, above) he has written nature books  and travelled all over the country in pursuit of birds and bears.
We had a wonderful reunion with cousins Geof and Betsy in Charlotte, NC
The handsome bridge over Cooper River that connects NC and SC
While David continued to travel south Deb visited our grandson in Tempe, AZ