"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

South Dakota
So we entered South Dakota on June 14th to stay near Mt. Rushmore.
It's an amazing sight to see! Photos just can't give a perspective of size of these sculptured presidents.
These are the Black Hills on the western side of South Dakota. They are called black because of the prolific dark bark and the light absorbing Ponderosa Pines.
About 17 miles from Mt Rushmore is another sculpture made from a mountain, but a private, not public work. It represents Crazy Horse who looks over the Black Hills where his people have died. It's a monumental work taken on by the family of the original sculptor.
The model of "Crazy Horse".
We took an 1880 historic train ride through a valley of
the Black Hills.
After leaving the hills we head out onto the Great Plains (Prairies to those north of the border). This time of year they are green for umpteen miles.
But then to our surprise pops out Badlands National Park. It is a combination of worn cliffs and hills that have been eroded so they look quite unusual.
Next stop was the Capitol of South Dakota, Pierre. (Pronounced Peer by the locals). It sits on the Missouri River just below the Oahe Dam and lake.
This is an armed forces memorial next to the Capitol Building. Each statue represents a branch of the military. They are very realistic standing at the edge of this lake. It's quite a tribute!
We drove through North Dakota through miles and miles of rolling green fields, farms and silos. Near the Sheyenne Grasslands we stayed in a RV Horse Camp surrounded by corrals of horses (as well as horseflies and ticks). It was fun to watch all the horse activity.