"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

OKLAHOMA June 2015
As expected OK was fairly flat with silos everywhere. But unexpectedly we saw many fields unplanted.
We stayed in Wichita KS where we found a lot of history, particularly about aerospace. They had a beautiful bike ride along the Arkansas River with a significant statue and bridge at the confluence of the Little Arkansas River. This famous statue is called
​"Keeper of the Peace".
In Old Town we came across red brick buildings. One of them was a Coleman Museum. It brought back memories. Weird to see things we camped with as antiques!
Indianapolis skyline
So many of the homes in the midwest are made of varieties of red brick with white trim and doors with massive unfenced lawns. It seems almost everyone would need a riding lawnmower!
We stayed in a campground on a point in a beautiful tree lined lake. It was stunning but with all the rain the bugs were intolerable!
We resorted to mosquito nets so we could sit outside.
On a birding trip next to the Missouri River (which is called "Old Muddy" by the local fisherman) we came across special birds call Indigo Buntings. They were as plentiful as sparrows!
As a matter of fact, all the streams and rivers we saw were muddy due to so much rain.​
We spent the July 4th holiday in Lancaster OH outside of Columbus. We were able to see some awesome fireworks, a parade and farmer's market.
On another early morning birding trip we were awed by the lush green vegetation. Then we came across "Leaning Rock".
Now if I seem to be whining about a lot of rain, well this is what is has been like. Monsoon like rains. More than 2 dozen cars pulled off the freeway because they can't see!
Typical Pennsylvania countryside. Everything has been so green since we left New Mexico.