"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

Patagonia April
To celebrate David's birthday and to tryout our newly remodelled RV we went to Patagonia Lake State Park. David was given a "Big Day" of birding with a famous birder, Richard Fray. As a result he found 143 different birds in one day.
‚ÄčA remarkable feat!
Just the south end of the this beautiful lake, surprisingly just 20 miles from the Mexican border. 
On an early day hike we saw some weeds - thistles that were pretty in the morning light. 
Show Low  June
To get out of the Mesa heat and wait for the rest of the country to warm up we decided to stay in the northern AZ White Mountains in a place called Show Low.
Show Low was founded in 1870 and sits at 6,400 ft. in the largest Ponderosa Pine Forest in the US.

The famous Mogollon Rim pictured here facing southwest is an escarpment defining the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Its central and most spectacular portions are characterized by high cliffs of limestone and sandstone.
We hiked along the Show Low Bluff trail starting at this picturesque bridge. It was also a frisbee golf course!
Along our hike in the pine forest with found this out of place blooming hedgehog cactus. 
Ponderosa pines on a stormy day
Our son and grandson came to visit us. We had a great time kayaking and watching Carter learn to fish at Fool Hollow Lk.
Show Low reminded us a lot of Lake Tahoe in California with many log cabins around for summer and winter visitors.