"Life Rocks When Your House Rolls"

June 9th: After a late start due to health issues, we got out of the 110 degree heat in Mesa and headed north into the mountains. In Show Low AZ it is about 20 degrees cooler and green with pines and juniper. So different from the desert! I think we almost forgot what evergreen trees looked and smelled like. We stayed in a recreational area called Fool's Hollow which was absolutely beautiful!
There is a great hiking trail around the lake which turned out to have many different and colorful birds. The Bullock's Oriole is the prettiest with a bright yellow-orange belly and head.
Geologic formations we saw as we traveled through Navajo Territory in northeast AZ.
Arches National Park
"South Window Rock"
"Balancing Rock"
"The Courthouse"
"North Window"
at sunrise
Canyonlands National Park
"Mesa Arch"
Panorama of the Canyonlands where the Colorado and the Green Rivers merge.
View from Deadhorse State Park. This point with cliffs on 3 sides is where cowboys would herd wild horses to capture and tame them by closing off the neck of the point.
The Colorado River
near Moab, Utah
Owachomo Bridge
Natural Bridges
National Monument
Capitol Reef National Park
Capitol Reef is famous for it's "Waterfold". It is a geologic feature involving 2 plates colliding and pushing up angled formations.
 It is like looking at the layers of the Grand Canyon but above you.
So much red rock around!
Magical Moab sunset
An old barn near Torrey, Utah
Utah Lake State Park
A fun spot but the "midge" flies were out in droves. After hoisting the flag in his US shirt and dousing ourselves with bug spray, we had a blast watching the US in World Cup Soccer outside.
Brigham City
This is the famous Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge at the north end of the Great Salt Lake.We found 44 species of birds there. The whole corridor from Provo to Brigham City is lined with majestic snow capped mountains on the east while being next to some form of water on the west.